Machinima is proud to announce the Frag Cup 4 tournament that will be held on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360. We're excited to launch this tournament through our partner 360icons.com during the early portions of the bracket. The tournament will take place over two separate weekends, beginning November 24th at 3:00PM EST. All live streams and VoD content during the qualifiers will be covered exclusively by 360icons on their YouTube Channel. On December 15th and 16th, the remaining 32 teams will battle it out online as Fwiz and hastro shout-cast the games from Machinima's Game Room HQ.

How to sign up

  1. If you are already registered, please make sure you are signed in. If not, please register here.
  2. Add your Gamertag to your profile here. Only one profile may use a Gamertag at the same time. If someone has entered your Gamertag on their profile, submit a support ticket here.
  3. Create a team for the tournament EITHER here (group 1, Nov 24) OR here (group 2, Nov 25) depending on which day you'd like to play. IF YOU REGISTER FOR BOTH, WE WILL REMOVE YOU FROM BOTH. 
    Note: If a friend of yours already has a team and you want to play with them, you do not need to create a team. Just have your friend invite you to their team.
  4. Go to your team page and invite players to your team! Only the team leader and co-leaders may invite players. To add people to your roster use this symbol http://360icons.com/images/plus_16.png which is located on the right, above the actual roster, and it will bring up a menu in which you will enter the players username who you want to add. To add the persons actual Gamertag to the roster you will need click the symbol http://360icons.com/images/pencil_16.png , which is located on the far right of the roster next the eligibility status. 
    Note: Players are eligible if they have a Gamertag on the roster, and that Gamertag has not been changed for 30 minutes.

More detailed information that will help you navigate the site is located here.

Brackets and Rules

All of the information you will need regarding the tournament will be located HERE


  • Ryan "Fwiz" Wyatt
  • Mike "Hastro" Rufail


Prizes: (Total of $10,000 in Prizes)

  • 1st Place - $6,000 ($1,500/player)
  • 2nd Place - $3,000 ($750/player)
  • 3rd Place - $1,500 ($375/player)
  • 4th Place - $500 ($125/player)


The stream will be embedded here for ease of access once the event begins.


If you have any questions feel free to ask the community on our forums or submit a support ticket. If you are unable to post on the forums, please ensure that you have verified your email address.