Interview with the new OpTic roster

360icons chats to Rambo and H3CZ to discuss OpTic's competitive future.

Earlier today, the news broke that the former apeX North America roster had left the organization to return to OpTic, 360icons spoke to Raymond "Rambo" Lussier following the news:

How do you feel about the return back to OpTic Gaming?

We feel great about being back to our roots of the last years. We really hope we are able to keep winning everything we compete in under the optic name and put out some great content for all our fans

Do you feel that your fans support the move from the apeX organization back to OpTic?

Some of our european fans might be a little disappointed, but in the end, this move was necessary for us to keep competing at the highest level. I hope everyone who supports us understands and keeps supporting us through this switch.

Does the team still plan on attending international events this year?

We plan on attending all events that are worth traveling too. Right now, definitely looking to attend EGL 7 and 8, also Dreamhack in Spain. And then hopefully other NA events that we can catch between those.

What is one thing that the original OpTic Gaming team is looking forward to in the coming months?

I think what we are looking foward to the most is connecting with our fans through YouTube a lot more. New video series from all of us and having fun with our bic boi H3cz again.
I would also like to thank apeX for everything they have done for us for our short stay, im a bit disappointed things couldnt work out, hopefully they are able to learn from their faults and make things better for their current/future teams.

We then spoke to OpTic Gaming owner, Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez, who gave us the following statement:

Its official! Our boys have come home!

The original OpTic team comprised of Rambo, Merk, BigTymer and Scumpy, are back with OpTic! A couple of months back they received an offer from apeX that we couldn't match, but EON Interactive as a company is now in a position to fund their international travel. With the help of our sponsors, Astro Gaming and Imagine Customs, we're able to guarantee their travel to all relevant EU Call of Duty events such as EGL and Dreamhack Spain.

I'm personally excited, I've never been overseas due to my small fear of flying, but I'm willing to get over it to finally visit places like the UK - a country I've always wanted to visit. I think the community there is growing and becoming stronger and stronger the more events they host. Right now they are carrying the Call of Duty competitive scene, and we are certainly indebted to them for their commitment to push something that the US leagues have given up on.

I have no comments regarding apeX as an organization, aside from the fact that they are a strong and committed organization that is doing huge things on that side of the pond. My hat is off to them and wish them nothing but success (unless they're playing us lol) and hope they continue to build on what they already have.

As an organization, I would personally like to thank Matt "NaDeSHoT" Haag, he tried to fill the void created by Rambo and company's departure but unfortunately things didn't pan out the way OpTic as an organization would have liked. That's no reflection on Nade who I consider a great friend and one of OpTic's greatest assets, he's always been there to carry OpTic in times of need, whether on YouTube or the competitive side of things he's always been willing to step up and carry whatever load we threw at him, huge shout out to him.

But as it stands today, our boys have come home, and OpTic Gaming along with our sponsors have welcomed them back with open arms and are excited to continue to build what we put on hold while they were traveling abroad.

'Til next time guys, this has been OpTic H3CZ, I'm out… Peace!
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