UMG Classic: Chicago

Event host, Emily Clark, discusses her plans for the UMG Classic.

The UMG Classic is the very first MW3 LAN that will be paying out 100% of the money it takes in from participants. With this extraordinary prize pool, and the fantastic venue, the UMG Classic is a perfect choice for every competitive player and fan.

The event will take place in Downers Grove, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, on the weekend of April 28th. Some of the top competitive teams in Modern Warfare 3 have already announced their participation in the event, and they will surely produce some great action for spectators. With the venue being just outside of Chicago, there is much more for players and fans to participate in, outside of Call of Duty.

Earlier this week, 360icons sat down with Emily Clark, one of the event’s hosts to discuss everything that you can expect at the UMG Classic. She provided us with information about the life outside of the venue, as well as what makes this event different from all others. She also gave us some background on the top teams who will be in attendance.

Why the UMG Classic? What is it about this LAN that makes it stand out from the various other events occurring in the near future?

Well when coming up with an idea for a LAN, giving back to the players was the first thing we at UMG Gaming wanted to do. A lot of problems with LAN providers in the past has been that they do not offer a big enough percentage of the entry fee towards the prize pool. We felt that by offering a 100% payout event that it could potentially change the norm for other LANs out there.

What top teams can we expect at the event?

Three of the top competitive teams in the US scene will be attending. OpTic Gaming, apeX.NA, and EnvyUs will all be at the event competing so it gives the lesser known teams a chance to prove what they’re made of.

With many top teams in attendance, is the LAN still a viable option for newer players and amateur teams?

Of course. The event is a double elimination bracket, so anything can happen. As seen in the Frag Cup 3, two lesser known teams made it all the way into the finals. This allows teams to make a name for themselves in a LAN setting, not just online. No one knows who will take first place, it’s anyone's game.

Outside of the venue, what can players and spectators expect in the local area?

Besides the event, there are lots of things players can do. Though the event is being held in Downers Grove, IL, Chicago is only about 30 minutes away. In the local area, we’re working on a gathering of gamers to attend Xtreme Trampoline in Carol Stream. They’ll be able to hang out with their favorite pro gamers and friends in a setting outside of the event.

Who can gamers look forward to seeing at the event?

We'll have OpTic H3CZ there doing some giveaways for GammaGamers, OpTic Midnite making an appearance, and some of your favorite YouTubers like Dr. Chiz and Tmartn. Be sure to stop by and meet everyone and get your chance to take home some cool stuff!

How much does it cost to attend?

Team passes can be bought online for $160, or $200 at the door. Spectator passes can be bought online for $5, or $10 at the door. All money will be put into the prize pool for team passes, and spectator passes into giveaways! We keep nothing. We have also extended online registration to April 23 instead of April 21 to give teams more time to prepare.

You can get full information on the event at umggaming.com. If you're a player looking for a team, you can find teammates and players to compete with here. Also, you can view the calender here at 360icons to stay up to date with this event and all others in the near future. When the event starts, be sure to check out the stream on the Yeousch Twitch channel.